Month: September, 2012

Always a good time

A security guard blocked our view. She wasn’t happy.

I don’t know about y’all, but I think it’s the coolest thing to see performances of songs you know and have heard on the radio repeatedly. Who hasn’t subconsciously memorized the lyrics to “Fireflies” and “Good Time”? I sure have and I witnessed it live (without Carly Rae Jepson). Owl city was a cool  performance with lights and beach balls everywhere. I felt like I was in a club with the techno-like recordings and body shakin’ bass. AND I saw my good friend, Jacob, AND snapped a photo with the bass player for Action Item. Good times.

Saw my hip friend, Jacob at the concert too!

My sister, Linda, and I
 Theory peplum top, 7 for all Mankind shorts, Nike Dunk Sky High wedges

I love my new kicks. Yes, I might toss that word around, but the sneaker wedge obsession sparked by Isabel Marant is genius. Who doesn’t love comfort and height combined? Heck, I DO…especially at concerts. They’re comfortable for roaming the streets and gettin’ that extra height to see past the tower in front of you at concerts. These kicks are so sneaky… they have wedges y’all. Mad props to Nike and Liberty for the collaboration! Not to mention my sweet deal of a top by theory which I adore. The print, shape, and breezy fabric was perfect for the concert!

Fun and practical outfit with good music… always a good time.



Disney Couture Collection necklace (Alice in Wonderland!)

Michael Kors sandals

Steve Madden Naiomii espadrilles

Brandy Melville tank, Romeo&Juliet Couture pleated shorts, Aerie lace bandeau top

Work wasn’t extremely hoppin’ today, so my sister and I decided to take some shots out back when we stumbled upon a new find by the dumpster! There are always strange cast offs people toss by the dumpster. Today we found a broken desk. I figured it needed some lovin’, so here it is making its final bid adieu. Work was the usual, but I got to sport some of my new finds! My mom, sisters, and I gave into the Labor Day shopping deals where I snagged my new espadrilles and shorts. What a snag they were…I bought the heels for $10. I brought them to work so I could wear them in before they hit the streets.

I’ll let y’all in on my secret. I’m a bargain shopper so I’ll keep y’all posted on sweet deals I come across! Sweet steal 1: Dillard’s Clinique Free Gift is going on. I get my mascara, make-up remover, and blush supply from this magical deal. It’s worth it if you need the extra make-up. (that’s just one of my favorite deals)

Update on my oh so exciting life: I’m off to an Owl City concert today because my awesome sister won tickets from the radio (my sisters win tickets ALL the time, it’s sick). I’ll definitely be sharing some photos from the show. I always love seeing what people wear to shows based on the band/artist’s genre. I find it interesting.

I watched The Lorax last night and was definitely inspired by Dr. Seuss, so I’m (sidenote: I LOVE sloths)

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” -Dr. Seuss


So I know I just made my first post, but I just had to do one more for today and share with y’all what I’ve been working on this summer. It has been a slow process but it’s better than nothin’. Human trafficking is a human rights issue I want to help fight, but I wasn’t sure how.

Well, here’s what I came up with: Pick. Pick is the name of my “brand” or simply, what I like to call my efforts to fight human trafficking. I am going to use anything and everything to pick the lock of human trafficking and slavery. My first project? Bobby pin earrings, cute and fun with a symbolic meaning. Bobby pins are simple and they are often seen as a tool to pick locks! (I was really excited about the symbolism) I have been selling them for $15 and 50% is donated to Not For Sale. They are each handmade with love!

I’m working on a few more projects which you’ll see later on. If you’d like a pair, please let me know!

This is just one way I can help, but there are countless ways to get involved. Just get creative! I hope that y’all can help me fight this issue too!


The beginning. I’ve been wanting to do this for years, but I was too afraid or felt awkward about posting photos of myself. I just couldn’t resist any longer.

Wearing: J.Crew cardigan, Urban Outfitters Collar necklace, Francesca’s Bandeau top, Thrifted&Revamped skirt, Anthropologie sandals

Kiwi making her debut

My poor mother had to take a step out of her comfort zone to snap these photos of me because I was just so eager to get started. Don’t worry, my photos will get better! This is a typical outfit I wear to work–comfortable and moveable. I love jewelry, so you’ll be seeing alot of it on me. I don’t care for “less is more” much. I was super excited to sport my new skirt I rescued from Goodwill and revamped into a high-low skirt. How could I resist those polka dots? Oh, and I had to show off my new sidekick, Kiwi. She’s a Penny board I cruise on during my breaks, but soon she’ll be cruisin’ around campus!
My day wasn’t especially exciting (typical work day), but the highlight was picking up a favorite drink of mine from good ole Walgreens–Ale 8. Thank you Kentucky.

Here’s to a fun beginning!

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