by alaanomaly

So I know I just made my first post, but I just had to do one more for today and share with y’all what I’ve been working on this summer. It has been a slow process but it’s better than nothin’. Human trafficking is a human rights issue I want to help fight, but I wasn’t sure how.

Well, here’s what I came up with: Pick. Pick is the name of my “brand” or simply, what I like to call my efforts to fight human trafficking. I am going to use anything and everything to pick the lock of human trafficking and slavery. My first project? Bobby pin earrings, cute and fun with a symbolic meaning. Bobby pins are simple and they are often seen as a tool to pick locks! (I was really excited about the symbolism) I have been selling them for $15 and 50% is donated to Not For Sale. They are each handmade with love!

I’m working on a few more projects which you’ll see later on. If you’d like a pair, please let me know!

This is just one way I can help, but there are countless ways to get involved. Just get creative! I hope that y’all can help me fight this issue too!