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Madrid was a time of nonstop walking and exploring, but well worth the cost of my swollen feet. I got to vist the Prado Museum, row boats in Parque de Retiro, wander around Plaza Mayor, and spin around in circles at the Palacio Real. The market in Plaza Mayor was such a treat trying all the tapas, paellas, and yogurt! And the Prado Museum was overwhelming and such a privilege to see work by Rembrandt, Greco, Picasso, Goya, and so much more! I became sleep deprived when I went to Madrid… photos galore!

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Free People tee, Chelsea & Violet shorts, Target sandals

 I ‘Heart’ Ronson peplum top, I ‘Heart’ Ronson shorts, Anthropologie socks, Converse

Outfit 3| Free People dress, Anthropologie necklace, Vintage Movado watch, Anne Klein watch, Disney Couture Bambi bracelet, Converse


Gaudi, Gaudi, Gaudi

Man, traveling from city to city is absolutely exhausting but exhilarating. It’s nonstop touring and walking, but that’s fine by me. Who knows when I’ll ever be back in España! Today was a Gaudi day in Barcelona. We took the metro to get to all of the buildings he designed, which was absolutely stunning, but the most breathtaking work of his was the Segrada Familia. If any of y’all travel to Spain, you must see the Segrada Familia and get a guided tour so you can understand the process and history of the building and Gaudi. I was in awe the entire time we were there. Every little detail had purpose beyond aesthetics but to represent Christ.

Gaudi definitely admired nature since a lot of his designs replicated its beauty with organic shapes. It seems to be a trend amongst artists that they are inspired by nature or people. I mean, why wouldn’t they? God created them both! Gaudi, like Picasso, had mastered the foundations of architecture but took his work to a new level of creativity where people just thought he was absolutely crazy much like Picasso as well! His work was so fun to experience because you get to stand inside and experience what his purpose was. Designing the Segrada Familia took over 8 years. Gaudi had three models, but chose the last one because he wanted a building that was felt very light and let in a lot of light since it was a cathedral. He wanted people to feel like they were being elevated when they were inside and wanted the acoustics to flow throughout the cathedral.

Y’all, there is so much symbolism in every little detail of the façade and inside it’s overwhelming and insane. He tried to display the gospel in every part of the building… the entrance, the back façade, the pillars, the colors… it all represents a part of the gospel. The east side of the building presents the celebration of life since the sun rises on the East. Our tour guide described it as an explosion of life, which I thought was a beautiful description so accurately presented on the building. I so admired his the Segrada Familia because he worked so hard to try to display the gospel in the form of a building and his reverence towards Christ is admirable in it. This was a place I wanted to worship in and a constant reminder of His glory. How great is our God? Not even a cathedral as great as the Segrada Familia could fully present the gospel!

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BCBG jumper, Coach purse, Target sandals


Today I got to explore Picasso’s work in person at the Picasso Museum in Barcelona. In every tour we take here, we have a tour guide which is extremely helpful since I get to actually learn the background of each painting and artist. Picasso was a wonderfully creative man who I admire even more after seeing his work. I didn’t get to take photos of his work, of course, but I did get some photos around the area!

Pablo Picasso spent his entire life learning how to paint like a child. It’s amazing because normally we train to refine our skills to become professionals but to be like a child is the most difficult state to return to yet the most beautiful. He knew how to paint like a professional or a realist, but to paint like a child took his entire life—a continual growing process.

Man, if Picasso knew it took a lifetime to paint like a child, I should know that it takes a lifetime to have child-like faith. Picasso mastered the foundations and knew it but he understood he would have to consistently work towards painting like a child. God calls us to maturity and knowing the foundations of the gospel, but the greatest faith we strive for is child-like faith. Child-like faith isn’t easy. I have to be growing with Him every day and in the Word but I also have to trust in him like a little girl would her father. I want to ask my daddy questions constantly, ask him to pick me up and carry me, have him guide me through every step, run to him first when I’m distraught, and expect him to be my provider.

Every stroke was so detailed and clearly influenced by every experience he had. This reminded me of how God is so intricately woven into our lives. In every step he is carrying us with every brush stroke even when we don’t realize it. So many times I look back after such a chaotic time in my life and see that He was faithful through it all and orchestrated every stroke for the final product of art. Every stroke, big or small mattered to create a masterpiece in my life that I, at the time, didn’t even realize was being formed. Praise God that He is intricately involved in our lives.

“He is before all things and in him all things hold together” Colossians 1:17

An entire museum dedicated to Picasso’s work, which is so temporary has visitors flocking in to admire his paintings but God has displayed his work even through Picasso’s creativity and in nature itself with every sunrise, so why don’t I flock to see every sunrise He paints? I want to seek even more guidance so I can get to know the paintings and the greatest artist who created the universe! Man, Picasso was an inventive artist, but how much more beautiful is the work of our God who created us? Being in awe of Picasso’s work reminded me of a greater masterpiece. Thank you, Lord for creative minds and beautiful art that you can use to teach me of your beauty, your faithfulness, and your love for me.

“Great are the works of the Lord; they are pondered by all who delight in them.” Psalm 111:2

Oh, and here’s a lovely song about child-like faith!

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I arrived to the hotel our group is staying at around 11 and met some new friends! We quickly created a gameplan and explored Camp Nou and Park Guell, which was a lovely way to start off our sightseeing of Barcelona. We bought passes for the metro and off we went to explore Camp Nou! I expected the tour would be just an entrance in to see the field BUT we got to see much more–the trophies, old jerseys, locker room, jacuzzi, and the field! There was even a little chapel underneath the stadium for the players. It was definitely worth the student discounted price. It’s a shame we didn’t get to watch a game there, though. ¡Qué lastima!

Afterwards we went to Park Guell which was my first encounter of Gaudi. It felt like I was walking into the Beverly Hills of Whoville. The houses and buildings were inlaid with colorful ceramic artwork. A giant salamander covered in ceramics sat in the center of the was quite popular…everyone was taking pictures with it!  It had a stunning view from the highest point which was a cross. Absolutely stunning.

What I looked forward to the most was the fashion in Barcelona and I got to catch some really cool trends while we were at Park Guell but Park Guell has really sparked an interest in architecture! I walked away inspired and intrigued–seems like this will be a common theme on my trip.

IMG_4997 IMG_4966 IMG_4976 IMG_5001 IMG_5019 IMG_5024 IMG_4993 IMG_5007Free People top, American Eagle cutoff shorts, Anthropologie necklace, Vogue sunglasses 


The trip took a lot longer than I expected with all of my layovers totaling to a very uncomfortable 23 hours. Before boarding I always pray that whoever I sit beside will be someone I can really converse with and get to know and that happened on all of my flights! I’m extremely thankful my airplane buddies weren’t awkward and I was able to have interesting conversations with them. The ride from Toronto to Frankfurt I sat beside a man from Pakistan who studied in Alabama, moved to Canada, and was born in Pakistan. He said he loved Toronto because of its diversity and that people can wear their traditional clothes without judgement. It reminded me of UCLA and how diverse it is, but Toronto definitely sounds like more of a melting pot. Since the flight was a long one, we were able to discuss movies, careers, and the struggle of eating airplane meals. The second man I met was super talkative and kept reminding me about reality after college and that I need to find internships. Not to mention, I felt extremely nauseous soo that didn’t quite help, but he was very kind in offering me candy when I felt like I was dying…

When I finally arrived in Barcelona, I encountered my first conversations in Spanish but just kept saying si and gracias.. Oops. But don’t fear, I will soon become a native speaker! I finally made it to the hotel and knocked out for a good six hours–six hours of GLORY that healed all my ailments. My friend Will finally arrived and we took off to explore the city! There was a summer solstice festival so we joined in the dancing and got to enjoy fireworks in every direction. I couldn’t help but sing Katy Perry in my head…BABY YOU’RE A FIREWORK! (thanks Katy) I felt like I was in a movie which means I’m doin’ something right. It’s still pretty surreal that I’m here in Barcelona (Barthelona)!

OH AND THE MOON. Well, Mr. Moon was lookin’ mighty fine!


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iVamos a ir a España!

Preparing for a trip to Spain isn’t easy, especially if you’ve never been there. Luckily I have experienced friends who have guided me in what to pack since I tend to overpack…oops. What I do know is that it’ll be dang hot according to the weather channel, but what’s a little heat when you’ve lived through the Tennessee humid summers? I was pretty proud of my packing too. I don’t plan on doing laundry so I brought all my lightest clothing and rolled em up.

Packing Tip 1: Roll yo’ clothes & save room!


Tip 2: Pack your favorite snuggle buddy to accompany you (Mine is Eduardo, the sloth)


Tip 3: Wear your statement pieces!


Tip 4: Prepare your nails for the trip ahead


Tip 5: Pack your staple pieces for hot weather ahead


After packing til about 3am, I couldn’t sleep. I probably slept for two hours, got up, showered, then headed to the airport! Luckily, my luggage wasn’t overweight and everything went smoothly. Normally I’d wear sweats to the airport but since I knew I would be traveling for awhile, I like to look somewhat presentable so I don’t feel as gross.

I was really anxious about the trip–traveling alone and to a country I’d never been to before, BUT I know this is such a blessing and an opportunity the Lord has provided and will definitely be a growing experience. Praise God for opportunities to travel!

HELLO ADVENTURES AND ONCE IN A LIFETIME EXPERIENCES….but I hope this isn’t the only time I travel to Spain/Europe.  

Not My Calling


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TJ Maxx top, PacSun high-low, Anthropologie pumps

(my favorite) theory peplum top, Joe’s Jeans, Marc Jacob pumps, North Face hoody

Urban Outfitters high-low top, Joe’s Jeans, Anthropologie necklace, Marc Jacobs  heels

Free People tank, Sak”s pleated skirt, Anthropologie pumps

Clearly, modeling is not my calling. However, I thought I would take advantage of the opportunity to take photos with my friend, Andy Tran at 4am for my blog! Well, why not? So here are a few snaps. (the less awkward ones). I hope y’all don’t feel too uncomfortable! Can you guess where these shots were taken?

Well, be sure to stick around and follow me because I’ll be taking off to Spain for the next month or so to study abroad! I’ll be posting plenty of photos, along with any other exciting encounters I have or shenanigans that are worth sharing! Can’t wait to share with y’all an exciting summer to come! Also, there may be plenty of changes to my blog so it’ll be more aesthetically pleasing, so bear with me!

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