iVamos a ir a España!

by alaanomaly

Preparing for a trip to Spain isn’t easy, especially if you’ve never been there. Luckily I have experienced friends who have guided me in what to pack since I tend to overpack…oops. What I do know is that it’ll be dang hot according to the weather channel, but what’s a little heat when you’ve lived through the Tennessee humid summers? I was pretty proud of my packing too. I don’t plan on doing laundry so I brought all my lightest clothing and rolled em up.

Packing Tip 1: Roll yo’ clothes & save room!


Tip 2: Pack your favorite snuggle buddy to accompany you (Mine is Eduardo, the sloth)


Tip 3: Wear your statement pieces!


Tip 4: Prepare your nails for the trip ahead


Tip 5: Pack your staple pieces for hot weather ahead


After packing til about 3am, I couldn’t sleep. I probably slept for two hours, got up, showered, then headed to the airport! Luckily, my luggage wasn’t overweight and everything went smoothly. Normally I’d wear sweats to the airport but since I knew I would be traveling for awhile, I like to look somewhat presentable so I don’t feel as gross.

I was really anxious about the trip–traveling alone and to a country I’d never been to before, BUT I know this is such a blessing and an opportunity the Lord has provided and will definitely be a growing experience. Praise God for opportunities to travel!

HELLO ADVENTURES AND ONCE IN A LIFETIME EXPERIENCES….but I hope this isn’t the only time I travel to Spain/Europe.