Not My Calling

by alaanomaly


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TJ Maxx top, PacSun high-low, Anthropologie pumps

(my favorite) theory peplum top, Joe’s Jeans, Marc Jacob pumps, North Face hoody

Urban Outfitters high-low top, Joe’s Jeans, Anthropologie necklace, Marc Jacobs  heels

Free People tank, Sak”s pleated skirt, Anthropologie pumps

Clearly, modeling is not my calling. However, I thought I would take advantage of the opportunity to take photos with my friend, Andy Tran at 4am for my blog! Well, why not? So here are a few snaps. (the less awkward ones). I hope y’all don’t feel too uncomfortable! Can you guess where these shots were taken?

Well, be sure to stick around and follow me because I’ll be taking off to Spain for the next month or so to study abroad! I’ll be posting plenty of photos, along with any other exciting encounters I have or shenanigans that are worth sharing! Can’t wait to share with y’all an exciting summer to come! Also, there may be plenty of changes to my blog so it’ll be more aesthetically pleasing, so bear with me!