by alaanomaly

The trip took a lot longer than I expected with all of my layovers totaling to a very uncomfortable 23 hours. Before boarding I always pray that whoever I sit beside will be someone I can really converse with and get to know and that happened on all of my flights! I’m extremely thankful my airplane buddies weren’t awkward and I was able to have interesting conversations with them. The ride from Toronto to Frankfurt I sat beside a man from Pakistan who studied in Alabama, moved to Canada, and was born in Pakistan. He said he loved Toronto because of its diversity and that people can wear their traditional clothes without judgement. It reminded me of UCLA and how diverse it is, but Toronto definitely sounds like more of a melting pot. Since the flight was a long one, we were able to discuss movies, careers, and the struggle of eating airplane meals. The second man I met was super talkative and kept reminding me about reality after college and that I need to find internships. Not to mention, I felt extremely nauseous soo that didn’t quite help, but he was very kind in offering me candy when I felt like I was dying…

When I finally arrived in Barcelona, I encountered my first conversations in Spanish but just kept saying si and gracias.. Oops. But don’t fear, I will soon become a native speaker! I finally made it to the hotel and knocked out for a good six hours–six hours of GLORY that healed all my ailments. My friend Will finally arrived and we took off to explore the city! There was a summer solstice festival so we joined in the dancing and got to enjoy fireworks in every direction. I couldn’t help but sing Katy Perry in my head…BABY YOU’RE A FIREWORK! (thanks Katy) I felt like I was in a movie which means I’m doin’ something right. It’s still pretty surreal that I’m here in Barcelona (Barthelona)!

OH AND THE MOON. Well, Mr. Moon was lookin’ mighty fine!


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