by alaanomaly

I arrived to the hotel our group is staying at around 11 and met some new friends! We quickly created a gameplan and explored Camp Nou and Park Guell, which was a lovely way to start off our sightseeing of Barcelona. We bought passes for the metro and off we went to explore Camp Nou! I expected the tour would be just an entrance in to see the field BUT we got to see much more–the trophies, old jerseys, locker room, jacuzzi, and the field! There was even a little chapel underneath the stadium for the players. It was definitely worth the student discounted price. It’s a shame we didn’t get to watch a game there, though. ¡Qué lastima!

Afterwards we went to Park Guell which was my first encounter of Gaudi. It felt like I was walking into the Beverly Hills of Whoville. The houses and buildings were inlaid with colorful ceramic artwork. A giant salamander covered in ceramics sat in the center of the steps..it was quite popular…everyone was taking pictures with it!  It had a stunning view from the highest point which was a cross. Absolutely stunning.

What I looked forward to the most was the fashion in Barcelona and I got to catch some really cool trends while we were at Park Guell but Park Guell has really sparked an interest in architecture! I walked away inspired and intrigued–seems like this will be a common theme on my trip.

IMG_4997 IMG_4966 IMG_4976 IMG_5001 IMG_5019 IMG_5024 IMG_4993 IMG_5007Free People top, American Eagle cutoff shorts, Anthropologie necklace, Vogue sunglasses