Gaudi, Gaudi, Gaudi

by alaanomaly

Man, traveling from city to city is absolutely exhausting but exhilarating. It’s nonstop touring and walking, but that’s fine by me. Who knows when I’ll ever be back in España! Today was a Gaudi day in Barcelona. We took the metro to get to all of the buildings he designed, which was absolutely stunning, but the most breathtaking work of his was the Segrada Familia. If any of y’all travel to Spain, you must see the Segrada Familia and get a guided tour so you can understand the process and history of the building and Gaudi. I was in awe the entire time we were there. Every little detail had purpose beyond aesthetics but to represent Christ.

Gaudi definitely admired nature since a lot of his designs replicated its beauty with organic shapes. It seems to be a trend amongst artists that they are inspired by nature or people. I mean, why wouldn’t they? God created them both! Gaudi, like Picasso, had mastered the foundations of architecture but took his work to a new level of creativity where people just thought he was absolutely crazy much like Picasso as well! His work was so fun to experience because you get to stand inside and experience what his purpose was. Designing the Segrada Familia took over 8 years. Gaudi had three models, but chose the last one because he wanted a building that was felt very light and let in a lot of light since it was a cathedral. He wanted people to feel like they were being elevated when they were inside and wanted the acoustics to flow throughout the cathedral.

Y’all, there is so much symbolism in every little detail of the façade and inside it’s overwhelming and insane. He tried to display the gospel in every part of the building… the entrance, the back façade, the pillars, the colors… it all represents a part of the gospel. The east side of the building presents the celebration of life since the sun rises on the East. Our tour guide described it as an explosion of life, which I thought was a beautiful description so accurately presented on the building. I so admired his the Segrada Familia because he worked so hard to try to display the gospel in the form of a building and his reverence towards Christ is admirable in it. This was a place I wanted to worship in and a constant reminder of His glory. How great is our God? Not even a cathedral as great as the Segrada Familia could fully present the gospel!

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