Starts with Hola!

by alaanomaly

Okay, so I’ve created a new and exciting goal here in España. I am going to meet at least 1 new person every day. Not too hard right? Here’s the punchline…I must meet a native and speak only in Spanish. This might not seem difficult for many, but it is a difficult task for me considering I can barely process the accent here in Granada. Luckily, my friend Anna is super helpful in these situations. Today, I was able to meet two men. We first met the chef in a Shawarma shop. His name is Mohammed and he was extremely helpful to recommend locations for us to visit in Granada. Afterwards we snapped a photo with him and then my friend Will was literally swept off his feet by him…total surprise but extremely hilarious. Shawarmas are so tasty and affordable!

            My next encounter was with an older man outside the stores sitting at a bench. I spotted him from afar just enjoying the weather and my shawarma. I really wanted to meet him so I told my friend Will that I wanted to meet him and then take a picture with him. So, a plan commenced…I took a photo by the statue near him and eventually said hola and it was all history from there. We found out that he was a professor at the University of Granada. His name was Jorge Maria and what a kind man he was. People are so friendly here in Granada. I absolutely love it!

            It’s pretty scary and uncomfortable to go out of your way to meet people, especially if you can’t communicate in their native language as well, but it is definitely something to practice while you have the chance. It’s such a treat to meet and learn about people in different countries. It just takes a simple “Hola” to meet someone new and from there it’s all history! Maybe you’ll even meet a beautiful dog like I did!

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