On the Rocks

by alaanomaly

In this post I want to feature a necklace that I absolutely adore and, coincidentally, seems to be appropriate for what I’ve been learning. I was wondering what I should name this post and thought I would play off of my necklace which is made of purple stones, much like amethyst. Well, we are talking about stones and rocks.

Now, this may be reading too much into stones and rocks, but I like to overanalyze things sometimes (only sometimes). I’m at home for winter break an empty schedule, unlike my school schedule. It’s truly a blessing to be able to come home and relax, but am I relaxing right? I think there is a right way to relax and a wrong way to relax. Relaxing doesn’t mean you sleep for hours on end and stay up as late as you want (which I’m guilty of) and do literally nothing. Yes, from time to time, do nothing, but what I’m saying is that there still has to be some sort of structure and a sense of direction. I want to move forward in my times of relaxation and not remain idle. When you relax, you don’t just throw Jesus off your schedule or your radar because you don’t want to think about anything. We, and myself included, need to remember that the most peaceful place is with Jesus and in His presence. He isn’t there to constantly pick out your flaws and tell you to work on them, but He is there to just be with you. . . to relax with you. So many times I’m standing on the wrong rock–my rock. When it isn’t strong enough or I’m not comfortable, I chisel at my rock until it’s smooth like a stone. Now all I have is a slippery stone that I can’t even stand on and all I do is fall. Am I relying on my own mere stone or The Rock?

So many times, I forget that I am standing on the firm rock of Christ and nothing can move that. In a season of changes (college years), I am relying on my rock to keep me at peace and at home. And when I come home, I am also coming home to Him to find my rest and the most satisfying relaxation I could ever need. Take advantage of your free time to grow near to Him and be with Him because He absolutely adores us. Don’t wish away the break because you want to be back with friends or your significant other because I know it’s already hard enough to place Christ at the top as a college student. Our rock is worthy.