Winter Warmth

So, it’s January and it feels absolutely wonderful. Especially since I was just in some seven degree weather in Tennessee (didn’t last long). I’m slowly becoming more sensitive to the cold since living in L.A. We are so spoiled here with sunny days and perfect weather almost everyday. I appreciate the west coast since I never really have to store any of my clothing away for the winter or summer. While I was at home, I found this fantastic short sleeve flannel-like shirt at Goodwill for a whoppin’ $2! Yes, my friends, it is quite wearable. I like its boxy and masculine shape and the option to dress it up or dress it down. My thrifty find makes me feel so gouda.

IMG_8254 IMG_8210 IMG_8221 IMG_8223 IMG_8227 IMG_8246 IMG_8232 IMG_8258

 Photos by Andrew Shiah

Thrifted shirt, J.Crew Factory cords¬†(on sale), Anthropologie shoes, Michael Kors leather jacket, Dillard’s necklace